23 дек. 2013 г.

iOS рзаработка: зачем тестировать приложения на таргет-устройствах?! Есть же симулятор!

Решил сохранить цитаты из App Distribution Guide:

If you have an iOS app, make sure you test it not only in iOS Simulator but on all the devices and releases that your app supports. Testing on more than one kind of device ensures that your app operates exactly as you thought it would, no matter which device it’s running on. 
и из раздела "Beta Testing Your iOS App" 
Important: Rigorously test your app on a variety of devices and iOS versions. Because different kinds of devices and iOS releases have different capabilities, it’s not sufficient to test your app on a device provisioned for development or the simulator. iOS Simulator doesn’t run all threads that run on devices, and launching apps on devices through Xcode disables some of the watchdog timers. At a minimum, test the app on all devices you support and have available. In addition, keep prior versions of iOS installed on devices for compatibility testing. If you don’t support certain devices or iOS versions, indicate this in the project target settings in Xcode, as described in “Setting Deployment Info.” 
, чтобы ссылаться на них в случае возникновения вопросов у заказчика/работодателя по поводу ненадобности хардварных тестовых устройств. 

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