12 июл. 2014 г.

Рабочее соглашение для фрилансера

Наткнулся на Work Agreement, предложенное одним из фрилансеров для использования его в качестве предварительной договоренности с работодателями на Odesk. Как по мне — неплохая "рыба", которую можно отсылать перед началом сотрудничества.
Решил сохранить у себя:

Work agreement

  Please read this agreement carefully. This will help you make a decision about my hiring and will give some understanding of ​​the workflow. This agreement applies to hourly jobs.

  Most projects consist of the following stages:   
  1.1. Interview:     
  It's time for acquaintance and general discussion about the project. You can ask me any questions and give a small tests to confirm my skills. I will ask you general questions about the project to understand what it is and what can I do. If all goes well, this step ends my hiring.   
  1.2. Requirements and large design:     
  The objectives of this step is clarification of requirements, creating and approving of the statements of work (problem). And then building a comprehension of ​​what should be the result of this work (solution). At this step we will discuss in detail: the functional requirements ("what and how it should do"), the user interface ("look and feel"), the internal architecture ("what be inside") etc. This step not will be included in the time track (i.e., it is free). But it is a significant part of the work so it will be make only after you hire me (I want to be sure that you are serious about the project).   
  1.3. Development:     
  It's the longest step. Here I will do small design, coding and test your solution. Usually this step induce a small amount of questions so we will do not communicate very often. I highly recommend watch my work diary and notify me immediately if you find any problems or you have any questions or any suggestions, it's will save our time. Upon completion this step you will get a turnkey solution for testing.   
  1.4. Integration and testing:     
  Here you will make test of turnkey solution, and make conclusions about suitability or about necessity do some changes (that will take us back to 1.2). If you satisfied we close this contract.   
  1.5. Maintenance:     
  If after ends contract you will have any questions or you found a bug, you can contact me and get help.

  2.1. Money back:     
    You can get your money back within the first week after start the contract.   
  2.2. Maintenance:     
    After completion of the contact you get a free 1 month (2 months for regular customers) of maintenance.

3.Regular customers:
  I really appreciate regular customersso if you back within next 3 months after ends contract you will get additional bonuses:   
  3.1. 15% discount.   
  3.2. Additional month of maintenance.

  By the accumulation of experience I will be change this agreement, but it has no effect on current customers.

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